Wood Floorings

Choose the options that will set your hardwood floor apart

There are always options when choosing a floor covering and hardwood flooring is certainly no different. In fact, the choices you make here can affect a lot more than just the looks of your home. There are options for durability, protection, functionality, and more. It’s also just as important to know what you cannot do with it as what you can, so taking the time to research a few more details in this material will be a great help when choosing your favorites.

It’s always best to start with an honest assessment of your traffic levels in the rooms where this flooring will be placed and choose the species that best fits those levels. The harder species are always the best idea for rooms that are extremely busy and heavily traveled, but they can be just as beneficial in lower-traffic areas. Still, if you prefer, you can go with much softer woods in areas where there is no or low traffic.

The type of finish you add to your solid hardwood flooring also has a major impact on the overall performance. Poly finishes (polyurethane) are extremely popular and offer a glossy, wet look that’s super easy to clean. On the other hand, they can also take on scratches and show dust and pet hair more easily. Oil sealer doesn’t offer as hard a finish, but it truly brings out the wood grain pattern as it soaks into the wood. For an older look, the hard-wax finish can offer an excellent protection and a very rustic look. Reapplying wax must be done much more often, but some homeowners prefer it over others.


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